Sociology is the study of social life, social change, and the causes and consequences of human behavior. Sociology’s subject matter ranges from the intimate family to the hostile mob, from crime to religion, from the division of race and social class to the shared beliefs of a common culture, from the sociology of religion to the sociology of education.

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January 22, 2019
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March 20, 2019
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May 15, 2019
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Program Length: 120 Hours

Tuition and Fees*


eTuition: $208 per credit hour
Required Fee: $40 per credit hour

*Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice by action of the Board of Regents or the Texas State Legislature.

Students majoring in sociology have established careers in the following areas:

  • Law
  • Business Administration
  • Health
  • Politics
  • Urban Planning
  • City Government
  • Counseling and Human Resources
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Public Relations and the Media
  • Criminal Justice
  • Education
  • The Nonprofit Sector

Our program offers majors a solid foundation in:

  • Sociological Theory
  • Research Methods
  • Data Analysis Skills

as well as sufficient knowledge in the fields of:

  • Criminology
  • Gender
  • Culture
  • Social Movement
  • Social Psychology
  • Marriage and Family
  • Education

We also offer a minor in Sociology which allow students to take the courses that are most appropriate to coordinate with their major and career aspirations.

The program is committed to baccalaureate study which creates liberating educational experiences for each major. The Bachelor of Science degree is designed for students whose interests are more quantitative, while the Bachelor of Arts offers a traditional liberal arts education.

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