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Proctorio Proctoring Services

Exams and quizzes taken within LULearn (Blackboard) may require online proctoring. Lamar University uses Proctorio for online proctoring.

Using state-of-the-art technology and end-to-end data security, Proctorio ensures the total learning integrity of every assessment, every time. Proctorio only requires a browser extension to operate. If a student has a security concern, the Proctorio extension can be easily disabled or removed in the browser as soon as the exam or quiz is complete. Students should select private spaces for testing.

The University library and other academic sites at the University offer secure private settings for recording. Students must ensure that any recordings do not invade any third-party privacy rights and accept all responsibility and liability for violations of any third-party privacy concerns.

Proctorio Reference Guide for Students

Student Proctoring Privacy and Safety

Proctorio "Enter Password" Error Troubleshooting


Smarthinking Tutoring Service 

Smarthinking connects undergraduate online students with highly qualified tutors in a variety of disciplines. You may schedule appointments in advance

You may access Smarthinking during the first week of class.  More information about logging in to Smarthinking.

You may access Smarthinking by clicking Tools in the course menu, then scrolling to the Smarthinking Tutoring link.


Tophat Support Information for Students

Helpful Links:

Quick Start Guide

Technical Support for Tophat:

Tophat has direct support at 888-663-5491, chat support, or send an email to You can also find online help in the Knowledge Base and Teaching Resources.