Honorlock Privacy and Security


How does Honorlock protect my privacy?


Student privacy is incredibly important – to students, to professors, and to Honorlock – especially in these uncertain times. While we are all struggling under this “new normal”, we want to take a moment to address some unfounded fears that are making the rounds about privacy.

Watch the video: Honorlock Protects Student Privacy.


Being students once ourselves, we have sought to build privacy into the Honorlock system. For example, the Honorlock system uses a Chrome browser extension. When the extension is active, there is a flashing red indicator on the extension that indicates whether the extension is recording.


Some key information from our Student Privacy Statement:

  • Honorlock does not scan other computers on your network or your phone or tablet and has no access to them.
  • Honorlock acts at the request of your school to proctor your exam to help your school detect (and prevent) academic dishonesty. We collect basic information from your school’s LMS such as your email address, and your name.
  • Once you click “end proctoring,” Honorlock stops proctoring your exam and associated data collection from your computer.


Honorlock wants to ensure you have a clear picture of what we are OR are not doing. In order to give you the necessary peace of mind, here are some measures we take to ensure your privacy.

  • Honorlock is hosted in the cloud through Amazon Web Services
  • Honorlock is not the owner of the data but holds the data for the university. Honorlock employees do not have access to the data unless their job requires it (e.g. support or proctors)
  • Honorlock employees receive training on how to use our product, Incident Response, and Data Protection.
  • Honorlock only stores data required to verify your identity. No additional data, including grades, course information, etc. is stored. Honorlock is FERPA-compliant and uses securely encrypted protocols to save all data. Honorlock’s certified proctors and your institution’s faculty are able to review test session videos until deleted based on the school’s retention policy.



The bottom line is Honorlock is dedicated to protecting your privacy — it’s a cornerstone of our business. We also take responsibility for ensuring your records are persistent and safeguarded. If you are still concerned, we invite you to contact us.  Honorlock support is available 24/7/365. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, you may contact us by live chat, and/or email support@honorlock.com