Student Complaints: A Brief Guide for Online Students

The purpose of this guide is to assist online students in handling complaints or concerns. It is recommended that you first contact the specific person or department most directly connected with the issue at hand.

You also have the option of getting advice from the Office of the Senior Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, (409) 880-8400, where a student advocate can suggest strategies for helping you solve whatever problem or issue you have.

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Academic advising and class availability
Contacting your advisor first when an advising issue arises is always encouraged, because doing so gives the advisor the opportunity to help you handle university processes and keep you on the path to graduation.

Undergraduate degrees, Master degrees in M.S.N., Criminal Justice and M.B.A. Program
(409) 880-8872
Graduate Programs in Education, Counseling & Certificates
(409) 880-7409

Grades, exam procedures, absences, content, and teaching methodology
The professor of record for the course has primary authority and responsibility in these areas and is charged with carrying out these responsibilities in a professional manner. The student should first discuss the problem with the faculty member.

Academic probation and suspension Academic probation and suspension
for online students are initially handled through the online advising office at (409) 880-8872 or

Transcripts, credits, degree classification, graduation 
General concerns of this nature should be addressed to the Registrar's office at (409) 880-7358 or

Tuition, fees, and other charges 
Student billing is handled by the University Bursar's office and can be contacted at (409) 880-8390 or

The Disability Resource Center can be contacted at (409) 880-8347 or

Scholarships, financial aid, school-sponsored loans 
The Office of Financial Aid handles most of these issues and can be contacted at (409) 880-8450 or