Master of Engineering Management

Program Description

The online Master of Engineering Management (MEM) program at Lamar University is focused on providing a flexible, tech-savvy alternative education for working engineering professionals to develop their leadership, managerial, and technical skills to become future industry leaders.

Lamar University distinguishes this program by offering smaller classes in formats that facilitate the learning process and the interaction between students, working professionals, and faculty.

The Department of Industrial Engineering has the newest technology available for online course delivery. The online technology and the availability of faculty makes this program ideal for working professionals to enhance their professional development while managing responsibilities at work and home.

The constant progress and development of global markets, new technologies, and political and environmental pressures motivate the need for engineers in leading positions to be prepared for the challenges ahead. A balanced, industry-based curriculum will allow graduates of the MEM Program at Lamar to develop and fine-tune the much-needed bridge between engineering, design, operations management, and cost efficiency. For more information, complete our Information Request Form.

Who Should Enroll

The purpose of the program is to build the technical and managerial skills to prepare working engineers for senior leadership positions in technology and engineering organizations.

The MEM is a non-thesis degree program that can be completed on campus, online, or a combination. 

A total of 36 credit graduate-level hours are required, of which 6 hours are core courses. Course work beyond the core course is tailored to meet a student’s specific needs.

Typically, the course work is divided in three areas. One-third of the courses are in the technical management area, one-third in business administration, and one-third in the student's engineering/technical discipline.

While international students can enroll in some online courses, the fully online format of the MEM is restricted to US citizens and permanent residents.

Why a degree in Master in Engineering Management

The MEM degree will equip engineering professionals with highly requested skills including understanding of costs, project management, leadership, risk assessment, financial evaluation of engineering investments, decision making models, operations management, and safety.

Core Courses

The following 2 courses College of Engineering (ENGR 5331, ENGR 5332) *


Students can select courses from the College Engineering and the College of Business, the Computer Science Department to tailor the course work to their needs, with previous agreement of the program coordinator. 

Admission Requirements

  1. a)  B.S. in Engineering or equivalent or b) a qualified BS/BA. degree (pre-requisites may be required)
  2. Competitive Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Scores ((Verbal + Quantitative>=288, Quantitative>=151)
  3. Leading role experience, preferably in the engineering field
  4. Letter of recommendation from a direct supervisor in the applicant’s primary place of employment

Step by Step Procedure

  1. Complete Graduate application, obtainable by calling (409) 880-8356 or online at
  2. Take GRE and have scores sent to: Graduate Admissions, Lamar University, PO Box 10078, Beaumont, Texas 77710.
  3. Have all undergraduate transcripts sent to Graduate Admissions
  4. Have letter of recommendation from supervisor sent to: Coordinator of Engineering Graduate Programs, PO Box 10032, Beaumont, Texas 77710

Tuition and Fees*

Spring 2019

Tuition and Fees*

*Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice by action of the Board of Regents or the Texas State Legislature. 

Contact Us

For additional information of the MEM program online or on campus, please contact:

Dr. Alberto Marquez

 (409) 880-8809

PO Box 10032

Beaumont TX 77710-0032

Department Website


Can I enroll if I do not have an engineering degree?

Yes, you can enroll in the program. You may however need to take some leveling courses in mathematics, science and basic engineering.

How long does it take to graduate?

With a full-time course load, from 18 to 24 months. If your everyday work load does not allow you to enroll full time, enrolling part time is also a possibility. With this program, there is no pressure to finish fast. You can work at your own pace, from home or your office.

Can I take some courses on campus?

Yes, there is practically no distinction between the online courses and the on-campus courses. If you prefer to come to campus for some courses, you simply choose on-campus course sections during the semester enrollment process.

I have some graduate level coursework from another university. Can I transfer my credit hours to the MEM program?

Yes, you can transfer up to 6 credit hours following Lamar University policy.

There are some courses in the catalog. Can I enroll in them?

Yes, you can take graduate level courses from the College of Engineering or the College of Business as electives for this degree*

*NOTE: not all courses in the catalog are offered in an online format. If course is required, it will be replaced in the coursework with previous authorization of the program coordinator.