What services and technology Solutions do you provide?

a. Tell me about LU Learn (Blackboard).

              i. The Blackboard Learning System is a virtual learning environment and course management system developed by Blackboard Inc.

             ii. What version of Blackboard is Lamar University using?

                    1. Blackboard Learn Release 9.1.201410.160373

b. Tell me about your printing services.

i. We can print your large format poster for just the cost of materials. We will bill your department directly ($3 per square foot) and print in widths of 24, 36, or 42 inches. Orders should be submitted at least one week prior to the expected pick up date. Please call 880-1847 or email cde@lamar.edu for more details.

c. Tell me about your web conferencing services.

1. If you have a need for synchronous interaction with your online students, Adobe Connect could provide a solution. Connect’s web conferencing software links students and faculty through a variety of devices (traditional computers as well as mobile). Communicate through chat, webcam, and audio. Share documents and your computer’s desktop. To request your faculty Connect account, please email blackboard@lamar.edu.
                    a. You can login to Adobe Connect at https://lamar.adobeconnect.com
                    b. Getting Started as a Host with Adobe Connect 
                    c. Getting Started as a Participant with Adobe Connect

d. I want to know more about Smarthinking.

i. Smarthinking connects your distance education (DE) students with highly qualified tutors in a variety of disciplines. Students may schedule appointments in advance or using Smarthinking’s queuing system, request on-demand help. DE students are loaded into Smarthinking during the first week of class.

1. If you teach a DE class, we ask that you post in your Blackboard course directions for students to access the service

a. Go to a content area in your course
b. Mouse over Build Content
c. Select Weblink
d. Name the link, Smarthinking
e. Place the website into the URL blank.
f. Copy and then paste the information block into the text box.
g. Click submit.
h. If you have trouble posting the Smarthinking URL, call 1847 or email blackboard@lamar.edu, and we can assist you. We thank you in advance for publicizing this service to your students

2. Announcement Body:

SMARTHINKING connects students to E-structor® Certified tutors anytime, from any Internet connection http://smarthinking.com.

Your SMARTHINKING login is your my.Lamar email address

(jdoe@my.lamar.edu). Your SMARTHINKING password is:

YY- 2-digit year of birth

MM- 2-digit month of birth

DD- 2-digit day of birth “&” (Use the & with no quotations)

Last initial – capital letter

First initial – capital letter

Last 4 digits of your social security number

Example: John Doe Born January 25, 1981 Social Security Number


John Doe’s Password: 810125&DJ7890

e. I want to know more about video streaming services.

             i. Faculty are welcome to use Sorenson to store their copyright cleared video content.  Sorenson will privately host your videos, and allow you to embed that content directly into Blackboard.  There is no limit to the number of videos you may post to your Sorenson account.  Accounts are also available for staff members looking to host content for their respective departments.  Please email blackboard@lamar.edu to request your Sorenson account. 

            ii. http://360.sorensonmedia.com/login

f. I want to know about online proctoring.

            i. ProctorU is an online proctoring service that you can use in your online course.  ProctorU employs the student’s webcam along with advanced screen sharing technology to proctor student exams.  More information about ProctorU can be found in the documents below.

                  1. Guidelines for Proctoring Online Courses https://www.lamar.edu/lu-online/_files/documents/luonline/guidelines-for-proctor-u.pdf

                  2. ProctorU Faculty Handout https://www.lamar.edu/lu-online/_files/documents/luonline/proctor-u-faculty-handout.pdf

                  3. ProctorU Pricing https://www.lamar.edu/lu-online/_files/documents/luonline/proctor-u-pricing.pdf

g. What library services are available?

          i. Distance education students and faculty have access to a dedicated distance Education librarian.  Contact information and a full account of services can be found at http://vmlibweb.lamar.edu/distanceed/distedservice.htm