LU Learn Support

Lamar University is committed to making all facets of the University accessible to all users whether it is physical access, access to information, access to tools and technology, etc.

Become familiar with best practices, the ADDIE model of course design, creating content, LU Learn tools, and the rubric that will be used to evaluate your course’s design, Quality Matters.

Faculty often would like to learn more about LU Learn, new technologies for teaching, or about online learning in general. Learn more about technology and teaching through workshops, one-on-one instruction, or tutorials available online. 

Learn effective communication online, techniques to maximize student engagement, and methods and strategies for assessment. You will also find great techniques for time management and maintaining an effective online presence.

Lamar University has a variety of online services and technology solutions for faculty to utilize when delivering a course. These services and technologies are offered to provide the tools needed to successfully engage with students online.

We offer support for campus systems and technologies for teaching and learning. Support is available and easily accessible for faculty via phone or email.