Dual Credit

Program Description

Through dual credit courses, students earn college credit while also satisfying high school graduation requirements. Credit earned can be applied to degree programs at Lamar or transferred to other colleges and universities in accordance with the transfer policies of the degree granting institution. 

Assignment of dual high school credit is the responsibility of the high school and the student. Students seeking dual credit for earned college hours must contact their high school for specific high school requirements.

Program Types

Lamar University currently offers three different types of dual credit courses:

LEAP (Lamar Early Access Program)
These courses are taught by high school teachers on the high school campus. The teacher must hold a Master’s degree in the discipline of the dual credit course(s) being taught or a Master’s degree with 18 graduate hours in the discipline of the course(s) being taught.
Instructors of LEAP courses are paid by the high school/district at which they teach, but since their course will result in university credit for students, they must also complete a Lamar University hiring packet.

LIS (Lamar Instructors in Schools)
Per high school or district request and pending availability of instructors, Lamar will send faculty to high school campuses to teach dual credit courses.

Online Dual Credit Courses
Online courses are taught by Lamar University faculty. High school students enrolled in online dual credit courses should be provided with access to computers during the school day/week in a computer lab or setting that is supervised by a high school teacher or staff member.

Dual Credit Advising

For additional information about these dual credit courses or to set up an agreement between a high school/district and Lamar University to offer these courses, please contact the Dual Credit program coordinator -

Lara Jagneaux | Program Coordinator for Lamar University

Email: lara.jagneaux@lamar.edu    Phone: 409-880-1869