Course Catalog

Lamar University Online Dual Credit Course Catalog for Calendar Year 2016

ARTS-1301         Art Appreciation                                                  TxVSN approved            

8 and 15 week formats

An introductory course emphasizing the understanding and appreciation of visual arts, namely painting, sculpture, and architecture.

CHEM-1411       General Chemistry                                 TxVSN approved            

15 week formats         

Mathematics-based review of chemical laws and theory for science, engineering and professional



COSC-1336       Programming Fundamentals I               TxVSN approved

8 and 15 week formats           

Introduces the fundamental concepts of structured programming. Topics include software

development methodology, data types, control structures, functions, arrays, and the mechanics of

running, testing and debugging. This course assumes computer literacy.


ENGL-1301         Composition I                                           TxVSN approved

8 and 15 week formats

Basic forms of expository writing. Frequent themes. Collateral reading in articles and essays of a

factual and informative type.


ENGL-1302         Composition II                                         TxVSN approved

8 and 15 week formats

Forms of expository and analytical writing. Topics from composition suggested from wide

reading in at least two of the three genres: prose fiction, poetry, and drama. Research paper


Prerequisite: ENGL-1301 with a “C” or better


ENGL-2322         British Literature                                                TxVSN approved            

8 and 15 week formats

The study of six-to-ten works of British literature dating from its Anglo-Saxon origins to the present.


ENGL-2326         American Literature                               TxVSN approved

8 and 15 week formats

Six-to-ten works of American literature, including both the 19th and 20th centuries.


GEOL-2376        Regional and Economic Geography       TxVSN approved

8 and 15 week formats

Regional, national, and continental units considered from the viewpoint of economic resources, resource development, organization, politics, economy, and physical landscape.

HIST-1301          U.S. History, 1763 to 1877                       TxVSN approved

8 and 15 week formats

United States history from the revolutionary period through reconstruction.


HIST-1302          U.S. History, 1877 to the Present           TxVSN approved

15 week format

United States history from the post-reconstruction period to the present.


HIST-2301          History of Texas                                       TxVSN approved

15 week format

Texas history from the beginning to the present time.


MATH-1314       College Algebra                                       TxVSN approved

15 week format

Linear and quadratic equations and inequalities, determinants, matrices, systems of equations, binomial theorem, exponential and logarithmic functions, theory of equations.


MATH-2312       Precalculus Mathematics                                   TxVSN approved

8 and 15 week formats

Intensive review of algebra, trigonometry and analytic geometry.


MUSI-1306         Music Appreciation                                 TxVSN approved

15 week format

Survey of music. Covers the major style periods from the Renaissance to the present with emphasis on the development of basic listening skills and critic thinking.