LU Learn (Blackboard) Students FAQ's

How do I make changes to my profile?

On My Institution Page under Tools, select Personal Information.  Click Personal Information.  Edit Personal Information.  (You can only make changes to fields in Other Information section.  Name or email changes cannot be made.  Click Submit. 

How do I submit an assignment?

Click on the course Content link. Click on the assignment title. Input text and/or click Browse My Computer to attach a file. Click Submit.

How do I post in discussion boards?

Click Discussions in the course menu then click the discussion forum title to access and post discussion threads.  Click Create Thread. Type in the subject. Insert text into the message box and/or click Browse My Computer to attach a file. Click Submit.

How do I take a test?

Click on the Quiz title within the course content to access the test. Review test instructions and click begin. Answer test questions and save answers. Click Save and Submit when you have completed the test.

How do I view my grades?

Click My Grades in the course menu. View grades listed by assignment. Click the grade for details. View submission history, grade detail and Instructor feedback.

How to use Course Mail? 

On the course menu on the left click Course Mail. Next click on Create Message.  Click on the To button. Then select the user or users that you want to send a message.  Next click on the right arrow to move the user to the Recipients area. Now give your message a subject. Then in the Body type your message.  To attach an item to your message, click on browse and locate the item that you want to attach to the Course Mail.  Finally, click on submit to send your mail.

How to organize your course list?

On your Course List box in the upper right hand corner click the Gear icon.  To organize your course list move your cursor over to the left of the square box.  You will then see a double arrow. Click and hold and move your course up or down the list. Unchecking any of the boxes will hide that information from your Course list. Click on the Submit button to save your changes.

How to download a course file?

Click on the file to download. The file should start to download automatically.  If it does not, click the click “here” text to download the file.