Instructional Associates

LU Learn (Blackboard) IA FAQ's

As an IA what privileges do I have in LU Learn (Blackboard)?

By default all IAs are granted Grader status in LU Learn (Blackboard).  Graders are allowed full access to the grade center.  You are able to grade, manipulate columns, and export the grades to spread sheets.  You are also able to email and message students from LU Learn (Blackboard).  You can change the dates on exams only.  You cannot make changes to assignments in the course.  You cannot make changes or edit any course content or structure. 

How Do I update my profile in LU Learn (Blackboard)?

On My Institution Page under Tools, select Personal Information.  Click Personal Information.  Edit Personal Information.  (You can only make changes to fields in Other Information section.  Name or email changes cannot be made.  Click Submit. 

How do I grade an assignment in LU Learn (Blackboard)?

Locate Student’s Assignment with an exclamation mark in Grade Center.  Move mouse over cell, select Attempt.  The Grade Assignment Page appears.  Click on Submission to see Assignment.  Enter Grade and any feedback to user.  Click Submit or Save and Next to continue Grading.

How do I grade discussions in LU Learn (Blackboard)?

Click on Discussions from Course Menu or Control Panel/Course Tools.  Select the Forum you want to grade.  Click the Grade Forum button.  The Grade Discussion Forum window will appear.  Click Grade button next to each user.  Edit the Grade and click OK.

How do I grade tests in LU Learn (Blackboard)?

Go to Full Grade Center.  A test needs grading if there is a green box in the cell.  Mouse over the cell, and click on the attempt.  Any essay or short answer questions that the system cannot grade can now be graded.  Click submit when finished.