LU Learn (Blackboard) Faculty FAQ's

How Do I update my profile in LU Learn (Blackboard)?

On My Institution Page under Tools, select Personal Information.  Click Personal Information.  Edit Personal Information.  (You can only make changes to fields in Other Information section.  Name or email changes cannot be made.  Click Submit. 

How do I add files to my LU Learn (Blackboard) course?

Make sure Edit Mode it ON.  Select a Content Area where you want to add a file by clicking on it in the Course Menu.  Click Build Content.  Select a Content Type (Item, File, Audio, Image, Syllabus, etc.…).  Select File.  By selecting Browse My Computer or Course.  Name the file.  Set the options.  Click Submit.

How to create assignments in LU Learn (Blackboard)?

Make sure Edit Mode is ON.  Access content area where the Assignments will be created (Content or Assignments).    Click Create Assessment.  Select Assignment.  Complete the Assignment Information, Assignment Files (Optional – Attach a file using Browse My Computer or Browse Course), Grading, Availability, Due Dates and Recipient information.  Click Submit.

How do I  create discussions in LU Learn (Blackboard)?

Make sure Edit Mode is ON.  Access content area where the Discussions will be created (Content or Discussions).  Click Tools, Select Discussion Board.  Create New Forum, click Next.  Complete the Discussion Information (Name, Availability, Settings).  Click Submit.                                                                                                                                                        

How do I grade an assignment in LU Learn (Blackboard)?

Locate Student’s Assignment with an exclamation mark in Grade Center.  Move mouse over cell, select Attempt.  The Grade Assignment Page appears.  Click on Submission to see Assignment.  Enter Grade and any feedback to user.  Click Submit or Save and Next to continue Grading.

How do I grade discussions in LU Learn (Blackboard)?

Click on Discussions from Course Menu or Control Panel/Course Tools.  Select the Forum you want to grade.  Click the Grade Forum button.  The Grade Discussion Forum window will appear.  Click Grade button next to each user.  Edit the Grade and click OK.               

How do I grade tests in LU Learn (Blackboard)?

Go to Full Grade Center.  A test needs grading if there is a green box in the cell.  Mouse over the cell, and click on the attempt.  Any essay or short answer questions that the system cannot grade can now be graded.  Click submit when finished.

How do I copy materials from one course to another?

Go to the course from which you wish to copy content.  Under Packages and Utilities, select Course Copy.  Click Browse to select the course to which you wish to copy.  In the Popup box select the course to which you are copying content, and click submit. The Course ID should now be in the Destination Course ID.  Click Select All to move all content over to the new course.  You can also select individual course elements to copy over. 

How do I create a test in LU Learn (Blackboard)?

To create a test, click on Course Tools under the Control Panel.  Select Tests, Survey’s and Pools.  Click on Tests.  Click Build Test to create a new exam.  Mouse over Create Question to select your question type.  Reuse Question allows you to select questions from previous tests or pools.  Upload questions allows you to upload a complete set of questions using a specially formatted file.

*NOTE—We can help you import a variety of test questions if your exams already exist as word documents.  Please call 409-880-1847 and ask for an instructional designer to get help with this process. 

How do I deploy an exam to students once it’s been created?

Once your test has been created, go to a content area, mouse over Assessments, and select Test. Find your test in the Add Test Box, and click Submit. Add any description of the test here. Make the link Available.  Do not click Force Complete.  This will result in student test errors.  Set your timer.  Turn Auto-Submit on.  Set your display dates. Setting a Due Date will populate the To Do List on the course Home Page.  Decide the level of Feedback students will receive upon completion of the exam.  Decide how the test will be presented to the student.  Click submit.  Your Test will now appear in your content area. 

How do I embed video from Sorenson into my course?

Mouse over Built Content.  Select Web Link.  Log into your Sorenson 360 account.  Go to the video you wish to embed.  Copy the Embed Cody.  Paste into your web link in LU Learn (Blackboard).  Copy the Permalink and paste into your web link in LU Learn (Blackboard).  Title your video.  Paste the Permalink into the URL blank. Click on the HTML Code View box.  Paste your embed code into the popup box.  Click Update.  Click Submit.  Refresh your content area, and you should now see your video ready to play in your course.  If you click on the title of the video, you will be taken directly to Sorenson to view the video.  This is helpful for students who have trouble viewing the content inside of LU Learn (Blackboard). 

How do I manage my roster in LU Learn (Blackboard)?

Click on Users and Groups under the Control Pane.  Select Users.  Mouse over the name of the student you wish to manage.  Click the drop down box for your options.  To make a course unavailable to a student select Change User’s Availability in Course.  To remove a student from a course select Remove Users from Course.  *NOTE—If a student is removed from a course all previous course work done by that student is destroyed.  Note that you can also change the user role in the course.  To go from a Grader to TA for example.  Set the Availability to No and the course is no longer accessible for that student.