The Truth About Mangoes

The Truth About Mangos by Jim McGarrah

by Jim McGarrah

The Truth About Mangoes is the fourth book of poetry by award-winning poet Jim McGarrah. Sixty new poems explore the difference between the ways we see the world we live in and and the way the world is. These poems take the reader along for the ride with grit and humor. From a dead coyote on an Arizona highway to a monologue from the ghost of Hunter S. Thompson, the language mesmerizes and the observations fill us with empathy for our fellow humans.

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About the Author

Author Jim McGarrah McGarrah is an award-winning poet and essayist whose work appears frequently in various magazines. The Truth About Mangoes is his fourth book of poetry. He has also written three nonfiction books. His memoir, A Temporary Sort of Peace, was published by Indiana Historical Society and won a national Eric Hoffer Award in 2010. McGarrah lives in Louisville, Kentucky.

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