Quixotic Notions

Quixotic Notions

by Gary D. Swaim

This is a beautiful collection of lyric poems and paintings. Many of the poems and paintings are paired as ekphrastic works of art. The volume includes 64 poems and 42 color paintings.

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About the Author

Gary Swaim

Gary D. Swaim is a produced playwright, director, and actor. His first creative writing endeavors and successes occurred with poetry, and he was recently selected as the 2011 Texas Senior Poet Laureate. Following poetry came his short stories. He continues writing and teaching in each of these genres. More recently, he has added digital painting to his efforts. Originally from California, he now resides in Las Colinas of the Dallas, Texas, area. Gary is a professor of graduate studies in the Master of Liberal Arts Studies program at Southern Methodist University. He teaches playwriting, the writing of both poetry and fiction, and studies in diverse interdisciplinary courses.