Drive the World in a Taxicab

Drive the World in a Taxicab

by John Milkereit

With his own intrepid sense of color, John Milkereit summons magic from the ubiquitous and the mundane. He introduces us to prophets and angels who drive taxicabs. This is poetry that compels us to surrender to our own imaginations. Deftly walking a tightrope between comedy and tragedy, Milkereit’s performance delights and inspires. His work makes us laugh, even as it provides solace from our longing. We are reminded that, in spite of lost love, global strife, and disenchantment, magic and color prevail.

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About the Author

John Mulkereit

John Milkereit, originally from Chicago, currently is a rotating equipment engineer working for an engineering contract firm in Houston, Texas. His poems have appeared in various literary journals such as Big River Poetry Review and San Pedro Review. Milkereit’s first collection of poetry, A Rotating Equipment Engineer Is Never Finished (Ink Brush Press) came out in 2015. His chapbooks are Home & Away and Paying Admissions (Pudding House Press, 2010). He has an MFA in creative writing from the Rainier Workshop in Tacoma, WA.