A Trip Through Downer, Minnesota

 A Trip Through Downer, Minnesota by Gretchen Johnson

by Gretchen Johnson

Stop and stay a while in this tiny town located just east of Fargo. Meet the narrator, his overbearing girlfriend, meddling mother, and the other colorful characters who reside there. Travel the pages to see the stark beauty of the prairie in winter, feel the pain of marrying the wrong person, taste the recipes in the church cookbook, and feel the fabric of the fields and faces along the way. “You’ll be surprised how much there is to see.”

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About the Author

Image of author Gretchen Johnson
Gretchen Johnson lives in Beaumont, Texas, and works as an English instructor at Lamar University. Her short stories and poems have appeared in The Blue Bear Review, The Meridian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, Poetry Harbor, Spout Press, The Sow’s Ear Poetry Review, and others. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from Southwest Minnesota State University and her MFA in Creative Writing from Texas State University.