Writing Texas 2014-2015

by Moumin Quazi

This is an anthology of some of the best current fiction, poetry, and nonfiction presented by Texas professors of creative writing and their top students.

For more information go to www.writingtexas.org (a website sponsored by Lamar University Press) On this site are some useful tidbits for writers: 1) an almost-complete list of Texas literary journals and 2) some excellent information on book review publishers.

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About the Author

Moumin Quazi is an associate professor at Tarleton State University where he also serves as the Director of Graduate Studies in English. He is the president of the South Asian Literary Association, the Conference of College Teachers of English, and Texas College English Association. Moumin edits CCTE Studies and the Peter Lang book series, South Asian Art, Literature, and Culture Studies, he co-edits Langdon Review of the Arts in Texas, and he co-directs the annual Langdon Review Weekend with Marilyn Robitaille. He is published in journals such as Concho River Review, Red River Review, and South Asian Review.