Deep Sleep

Deep Sleep by Jim McJunkin

by Jim McJunkin

Deep Sleep is a collection of some 80 works of art that startle and delight and always leave viewers with something to think about. The book contains verbal musings about dreams in general and McJunkin's own specific dreams. Jim has written for this book only about seven thousand words. Readers will find Jim's short essays informative, helpful in understanding the art, and delightful, but mostly readers learn about the dreams through looking at the graphic art and pondering its symbolic meanings. This book also contains an interview with the artist. Writer Carroll Wilson asks exactly the right questions that prompt McJunkin to talk about the complexity of his dreams and the art those dreams move him to create.

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About the Author

Jim McJunkin has been making photographs for almost half a century. His brief, formal training as an artist concerned drawing, painting, and design.

Then, he says, “a lack of discipline” (in spite of a desire to be creative) led to a stint in the U.S. Army and an assignment as a still photographer in Vietnam.

Since his military service, Jim has been involved in a number of art and photography shows around the country, including Laguna Gloria Art Museum and Mexicarte Museum in Austin, Texas.

He also has photographs in the permanent collection at the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum in Chicago. He lives with his wife, Beth, and dog, Lily, in Wimberley, Texas.

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