When You Find Us We Will be Gone

When You Find Us We Will be Gone by Christopher Linforth

by Christopher Linforth

In these twelve stories, Christopher Linforth explores the complexities, difficulties, and troubling alienation of the modern world. This diverse, innovative collection spans the globe and includes elegant meditations on a failing relationship in post-Communist Croatia, a violin appraiser’s quest to auction a rare Stradivarius, a difficult and troubling father-son relationship in 1950s Levittown, a posse of cowboys hired to round-up feral cattle in Japan, and a post-modern novella charting the identity breakdown of a writer.

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About the Author

Christopher Linforth holds an M.F.A. from Virginia Tech. His debut short-story collection, When You Find Us We Will Be Gone, was released last year. He has published fiction and nonfiction in dozens of literary magazines, including Gargoyle, Southern Humanities Review, The Rumpus, Notre Dame Review, Denver Quarterly, and many others.