Love is Not a Dirty Word

Love is Not a Dirty Word by John Wegner

by John Wegner

In John Wegner’s Love is Not a Dirty Word, “love” might not be a dirty word, but relationships are certainly complicated by poverty, technology, and social expectations. A cast of memorable characters struggle to make connections in meaningful ways as they fight memories of violent childhoods or struggle to understand their own sexuality. At the heart of the collection, though, is a sense that love is less about romance and more about surviving everyday trials and problems. And survival sometimes requires sacrifice. Some lucky few triumph while others' past and poverty force them into violent confrontations or a willing isolation from human contact. In all the stories, Wegner gives an original voice to characters that search for some place in the world.

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About the Author

John Wegner

John Wegner has published short fiction in New Texas, the Journal of the American Studies Association, Concho River Review and other magazines. Love is Not a Dirty Word is his first collection of short fiction. In addition to fiction, he has published articles on Cormac McCarthy, Juan Felipe Herrera, and other American writers. A native Texan, he teaches at Angelo State University and lives with his family in San Angelo, Texas.