A Caddo's Way

A Caddo's Way

by Jeffrey DeLotto

In this remarkable novel, story-teller and poet Jeffrey DeLotto crafts the tale of Two Hawks who is, though old, on a spiritual quest, a man both weak and strong, dangerous and wise, willing to learn, to help others and to shed blood. Although Two Hawks felt and knew and feared the powers of the spirits, and they did frequently speak to him through birds and bears and once even a fish, he was no longer confident that the most powerful spirits listened to and protected the Caddo.

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About the Author

Jeffrey DeLotto, Professor of English in the School of Arts and Sciences at Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, teaches writing, Shakespeare, and Modern British literature. A native of Florida, he has also taught at Yarmouk University (in Jordan), Texas Tech University, and as a Fulbright Lecturer in American Literature at the University of Plovdiv in Bulgaria. His poems, essays, and stories have appeared in numerous magazines, journals, and anthologies, and he has published a chapbook entitled Voices at the Door, the Southwest Poets Series winner from the Maverick Press. His previous book is Voices Writ in Sand: Dramatic Monologues and Other Poems. He is a grower of vegetables and the skipper on the mutinous family sailboat.