Records Management

As a state agency, Lamar University is required to establish and maintain a Records Management program by state law (Sec. 441.183). Records Management is the effective management of our information assets.


The mission of records management is to establish an efficient records management system for maintaining, identifying, retrieving, preserving and disposing of records for the purpose of improving operational efficiency and complying with all applicable local, state, and federal laws.

Records Retention Schedule

Records Management Policy

Good records management saves time, effort, space, money and other resources. The following are the most important benefits of records management:
  • Control the generation and growth of records
  • Effectively retrieve and dispose of records
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Minimize litigation risks
  • Safeguard important information
  • Cut costs and save time and effort
  • Make better management decisions
  • Preserve university knowledge
  • Save space

Records Disposition Form

Print and complete this form to dispose of records as defined by the Records Retention Schedule.

Retention and Calculation Guide

This useful guide will help you calculate a document's retention period.


Training on records management and the use of the Records Retention Schedule will be coming soon.