Lance Rosier Papers


Box 3
Folder 1: Congressional Record memorializing Lance Rosier 1970
Folder 2: Lance Rosier’s social security card
Folder 3: Lance Rosier’s draft card 1942
Folder 4: Unemployment Compensation card 1938-1939
Folder 5: Promissory Notes co-signed by Lance Rosier 1953-1958
Folder 6: Poem about the Tranquility of a Hermit’s Life n.d.
Folder 7: Obituaries of Lance Rosier 1970
Folder 8: Greeting from the Big Thicket (L.J. Fisher)
Folder 9: Woodland photograph (Unidentified)
Folder 10: Walter McCreight photographs documenting his paintings c 1940
Folder 11: Woodland photograph (Unidentified)
Folder 12: Photographs of people and places in the Big Thicket

Box 4
This box contains books relating to Big Thicket plants.
Folder 1: The Birds of America by John James Audubon, 1946. Inscribed, “To Lance with the hope that it will bring you as much pleasure as do the birds in person.” Larry Jene Fisher Christmas 1948
Folder 2: “Catalogue of the Flora of Texas”, periodical bulletins published by Texas Agricultural Experiment Station (Division of Botany and Agriculture) 1937 [Includes annotations by Lance Rosier]
Folder 3: “Texas Plants: A Checklist and Ecological Summary”, by Agricultural Experiment Station (Division of Botany and Agriculture) 1962
Folder 4: Wild Flowers by Homer D. House, Inscribed, “To Lance Rosier: An appreciation for many hours guidance in our Big Thicket” –Larry Jean Fisher Nov. 1939”
Folder 5: “The Destruction of the Big Thicket”, An Audubon Magazine Report by Edwin Way Teale, with opening statement by Ralph. W. Yarborough 1972
Folder 6: Grammar School Reader by William H. Elson and Christine Keck 1910