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Libqual Prize Winners Announced

Congratulations to Mackenzie Shill on winning the grand prize of a new iPad in the library survey drawing! Mackenzie Shill

Further congratulations to Cymone Houston and Dielle Furtado, winners of a Barnes & Noble Gift Card. Additionally, the following individuals are the lucky recipients of a Starbucks gift certificate:
Deshaun Bell
Sarah Raiford
Ariel King
Shelby Mixon
Damaris Thrash
Idalia Vazquez
Alexia Morgan
Jesus Mendoza
Marie Arrieta
Kadeon Evans
Hannyk Favila
Nikoo Hassanzadeh
Nicole Guity
Chrissy Jones
Olayinka Jenmy
Mattie Hamilton
Robin Tolar
Anirudh Ameraneni
Michael Rouly
Brianna Magdaleno

Special thanks to our Chartwell’s and our campus Bookstore for their generous donations making these prizes possible. Thank you to everyone who participated in the Libqual+ survey, your feedback is invaluable!