Library Policies

Dial 8311 or 7777 in Emergencies

In case of emergency, or to report suspicious behavior, dial 8311 or 7777 from any on-campus phone (off campus dial 880-8311 or 880-7777) to contact the Lamar Police.  Dialing 911 is less efficient because your call will be redirected to the Lamar Police. If you dial 911 from an on-campus phone, you do not need to dial a '9' for an outside line. 

For non-emergency needs, example: lock your keys in your car, need an escort during or after hours, dial 8307.

If you’re in a situation where you cannot call but need LUPD assistance (hostage situation, need to remain quiet, etc.) use the Hearing Impaired Emergency Text Line at (409) 241-8002.  Text the name of the building, your room number, and the nature of the emergency if possible.

All extensions will connect you with dispatch, but emergency lines will always receive top priority. 

LUPD encourages everyone to download the MyPD app for up-to-date information in the event of an emergency.  To download MyPD go to the Android or iPhone store and search for MyPD.  After you download the app, open and choose Lamar University Police. 

Emergency Phones

An emergency phone is located on each of the unstaffed 3rd-5th book floors near the elevators.  The emergency phones connect directly to Lamar Police. 

Emergency Procedures

Lamar University's Office of Risk Management has formulated Emergency Procedures for various emergencies including fire evacuation, building evacuation, chemical release emergency, severe weather evacuation and handling suspicious letters/packages. Please review all policies in detail for your own safety.

For more information about campus safety, please visit the LUPD (University Police and Public Safety) Services webpage.

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