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Becoming a member is a smart thing to do!
Supporting 91.3 KVLU ensures that we’ll be here for you when you’re ready for great music, news, and information.

Commercial-free public radio is only possible with the financial support of its listeners. Whether you listen 30 minutes a day or 30 hours a week, you should support the program(s) you enjoy by becoming a proud member of this station. It’s a gift that gives right back, 365 days a year and ensures that the programs you enjoy will be here for you when you turn on your radio. It’s a investment you can be proud of and there’s a giving level to meet your budget.

Funding for KVLU’s general operating budget comes from a variety of resources including underwriting, federal and state funds, and other income. But the largest and most important segment of the operating budget comes from you – the members of KVLU.

Become a Sustainer Member

No checks to write, no stamps to buy and no expiration dates to worry about!


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits to being a member? 

Membership does have its privileges. You get:

  • A digital version of our quarterly program guide,
  • the chance to complete the KVLU Survey,
  • music / program look-up service,
  • a thank you gift of your choice, based on your giving levels,
  • notification of and invitations to upcoming KVLU events – (opera trips, member parties, etc.),
  • and of course the satisfaction of knowing that you’re keeping KVLU and the programs you love on the air.

Where does my gift go?

Your contribution goes to programming and general operations. Many of the NPR and PRI programs cost thousands of dollars and your gift allows us to keep these wonderful programs. We couldn’t do it without you.

When will my thank you gift arrive?

Please allow 4 weeks, after your pledge has been paid, for gifts to arrive. If it’s been longer than that, please contact our offices.

Does KVLU exchange my information?

NO! However, we are required to report all gifts to Lamar University, so your name is given to the University Advancement department. Remember, we are licensed to Lamar University.

Why does my credit card receipt say Lamar University?

KVLU is licensed to and located on the campus of Lamar University in Beaumont. All monies go through the Lamar University cashiers office and are then credited to KVLU. Rest assured that your gift DOES go to KVLU.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

Contributions to KVLU are tax deductible to the full extent of the law, except for the fair market value of any thank-you gifts received.

When will my membership be due for renewal?

Your membership expiration date is printed on most correspondence above your mailing address. We’ll send you renewal notices starting 30-60 days before that time. If you have any questions, please contact us.

What if I move? 

If you move, please let us know by using our online change of address form or call our offices