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Bayoulands: Episode 3

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Original Air Date: March 27, 2016

Cow BayouEpisode 3 of Bayoulands features two stories that delve into the enduring legacy of Cajun culture followed by a taste of Germany via Vidor and since it airs during a holiday week we visit First Baptist Church in Orangefield to hear about how they celebrate Easter.

Bayoulands is made possible by a grant from the H.H. and Edna Houseman Charitable Trust benefiting the Orange Count area, its citizens and charitable organizations. The series is produced in the studios of 91.3 KVLU in Beaumont, Texas, by Production Director Jason Miller and assistant producer Jonathan Tippett. The Executive Producer is Development Director Shannon Harris.

Episode 3 Music Credits:

1. Clifton Chenier – “In the Mood”
2. Joseph Falcon – “Arcadian One-Step”
3. Cleoma & Ophy Breaux w/ Joseph Falcon – “C’Est Si Triste Sans Lui [It Is So Blue Without Him]”
4. Jackie Callier – “Callier Special”
5. Jambalaya Cajun Band – ‘Tit galop pour la pointe aux pins
6. Courtbuillon – “Courtbuillon”Johnny Janot – “Proud To Be A Cajun”
7. Jo-El Sonnier – “Cajun Blood”
8. High Performance – “Musicians Paradise”
9. Dallas Roy – “Kaplan Waltz”
10. Herman Holtz Dance Band – “Schnitzel Polka”
11. Will Glahe and his Orchestra and Chorus – “Liechtensteiner Polka”
12. Charlie HaD.E.n & Hank Jones – “It’s Me, O Lord (Standin’ in the Need of Prayer)”
13. Charles Lloyd – “Amazing Grace”
14. Charlie Haden & Hank Jones – “Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?”
15. Charlie Haden & Hank Jones – “L’ Amour de Moy”

Special thanks to our guests:
Al Judice the 3rd
Larry Judice
Al Judice the 4th
Gloria Roy
Monika Herring
Ursula Oakes
Bridge City / Orangefield Ministerial Alliance
Pastor Cody Hogden & Tammy Dunahoe from First Baptist Church Orangefield

Episode 3 is dedicated to the music and memory of Dallas Roy.

To view more photos please see the Bayoulands photo album on the “91.3 KVLU Public Radio” Facebook page.

Dallas Roy
Dallas Roy


A. J. Judice
A.J. Judice




First Baptis Church Orangfield