Here’s a quick visual guide on what to expect

Step 1: We’ve recently taken steps to make our wireless network more secure. Our connection wizard will prompt you with 2-3 messages during your setup process. Don’t worry! These are normal. Here, you’ll need to read the Terms and Conditions and click the “Agree”box.

Wi-Fi Welcome

Step 2: Select your connection category.

Wi-Fi Connection

Step 3: Enter your LEA Username and password. This is the same as what you use to log in to your LU email.

Wi-Fi Login

Step 4: The Xpress Connect secure connection wizard will begin after it detects the type of device you’re working from. You will likely see 2-3 messages from the wizard. Don’t worry! These are normal and are creating a gateway for a secure connection. Follow the steps and you’ll be good to go!