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Where can I download the Duo mobile app?

The app is found in the App store, Google Playstore or Windows App Store.  If you have trouble finding the Duo Mobile app via search, it can be accessed through iTunes by visiting:

What applications require LEA 2-Step?

Lamar Faculty and staff using VPN to access LU network.

Which devices are supported by LEA 2-Step authentication?


iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Cell Phones and Landlines (e.g. your office phone)

Can I use multiple phones, or am I restricted to one phone?

You can set up LEA 2-Step on multiple mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.).  It is recommended that you register two different devices, such as a cell phone, plus a landline (e.g. your office phone) or tablet.

Who will use LEA 2-Step?

Faculty or staff who wish to access Lamar applications via VPN while off campus.  To date, BannerXE/Banner 9 is the only application requiring LEA 2-Step authentication.  Additional applications will be added in the near future.

Am I required to use my personal mobile device for LEA 2-Step, or are there other options?

While it is recommended that you enroll your mobile device and use the Duo Mobile app for LEA 2-Step login, it is not required.  You can also use a Landline phone with LEA 2-Step.  Clicking the Call Me button to authenticate will place a phone call to your landline.

Does it cost me anything to use LEA 2-Step via my smartphone? If so, will I be reimbursed?

Using the app or a passcode on the app will not incur any charges from your carrier.

Text messages and voice calls are sent only when you request them, and they will be billed by your carrier in the same way that any other text message or call would. Lamar will not reimburse you for these charges. If the charges when using Duo exceed a level that you’re comfortable with, then consider switching to your landline rather than a cell phone for the service.

Which browsers are supported by LEA 2-Step authentication?

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 8 or later, and Opera. 


Why do I need a second layer of security on my account?

With increasing security attacks across higher education institutions, passwords alone are not a sufficient way to protect resources.

LEA 2-Step decreases the risk of compromise because a hacker would need more than just your password.

I just received a notification from Duo but haven’t tried to login anywhere – now what?

First, deny the request to authenticate. Next, you’ll have the option to report the incident as fraudulent or you can tap “It was a mistake”.  


What if I want to use my an alternate landline instead of my landline/cell phone?

You may use a landline instead of a mobile device, however, you need to take into consideration the stationary nature of a landline. Even if you work almost exclusively at your desk in your office where the landline is located, you might on rare occasions need to have access to your protected services from home or from a remote location such as a meeting or conference.

I use my landline for LEA 2-Step and I’m going away for a week. Can I still use LEA 2-Step?

Yes, you would have to use your personal phone in conjunction with your landline.

I don’t have a smartphone. Will I be able to use LEA 2-Step on my non-smart phone?

Yes, any cell phone will work, but it will not include the advantages of the Duo Mobile app (passcodes, prompts, etc.) and may result in regular cell phone charges in order to call back and authenticate, depending on your phone service.


I’m often in a location where I have poor cell coverage; how can I use LEA 2-Step?

In cases where cell coverage is not available, use the Duo Mobile app to generate a passcode.  Use the passcode as your second factor. If you’re not using a smartphone (and therefore do not have access to the application), then you can generate passcodes in advance.  Visit Generating a passcode using the Duo Mobile App for details.

I am going to be traveling abroad. How can I continue to use LEA 2-Step authentication?

Be aware of your cell service carrier’s international rates. If you are planning to use your device normally while traveling, then using the device as the second-factor will not change. 

You can simply use the Duo Mobile App to generate a passcode each time authentication is needed. Use the passcode as your second factor. Cellular service is not needed to generate passcodes through the Duo Mobile App.  Visit How to generate a passcode using the Duo Mobile App for detailed instructions.