In order to access LU applications requiring LEA 2-Step, you will need to:

Step 1: Register (Something You Know)

Install the Duo Mobile app on your devices

  • Launch Appstore, Play Store, or Windows App Store from your smartphone.
  • Search for the Duo Mobile Application.
  • Click Get Duo Mobile.
  • Click Install to download the app.
  • Tap Ok when asked if Duo Mobile should be able to send push notifications.

Register now! Add your LEA to the Duo app


  • Click the Start Setup button to begin the enrollment process.


  • Select the device you wish to add.
  • Smartphones are recommended because you always have your smartphone with you!
  • Click the Continue button.
  • Enter your cell phone number.
  • Place a checkmark next to your phone number to verify.


  • Select your phone type under “What type of phone is (409) 234-5678?


  • Click the Continue button.
  • Click I have Duo Mobile installed to begin activation.



  • Proceed to scan the QR code.

Scan the QR code to activate the mobile app

  • Open the Duo Mobile application on your smartphone.
  • Click the “+” to add an account.
  • Scan the QR code with your smartphone camera.
  • A green check mark will appear in the code.


  • Click Continue.
  • Click Save.
  • Click Logout when done.



Step 2: Choose Your Device Type (Something You Have)

When logging in to applications that require LEA 2-Step, login with your LEA username and password. Select your device or delivery method for the second-factor authentication with one of the following options: