Lamar University provides students, faculty, and staff the Lamar University Electronic Account (LEA) and LamarID accounts to access multiple services.

LEA Account

Your Lamar Electronic Account (LEA) is active as long as you are an active student, faculty, and staff at Lamar University.  LEA accounts provide access to the following services: 

  • LU Email
  • LU Learn (Blackboard)
  • Course Evaluations 
  • OrgSync
  • Campus Computers
  • myScholarships
  • Campus Printing 
  • Wireless Network


LamarID provides access to your personal information, student records, payment, financial aid information, pay information, and tax forms.

Your LamarID consist of a capital L and eight (8) numeric digits.  The LamarID Personal Identification Number (PIN) consist (6) numeric digits. 

LamarID provides access to:

  • Self-Service Banner


Will I receive an email reminder before my password expires?

Yes, you will receive a system generated email everyday for two weeks prior to your password expiring.

Will I receive a notification when my password has been successfully changed?

Yes, you will receive an email.

What are the requirements for passwords?

  1. Minimum of 10 characters in length
  2. At least 1 uppercase letter
  3. At least 1 lowercase letter 
  4. At least 1 special character/symbol 
  5. You cannot include your name or username
  6. You cannot use your previous 24 passwords