Student Affinity Groups

Lamar University is home to over 200 student organizations. Below is a listing of student affinity groups that represents the diverse population of students at Lamar.

For a listing of all registered student organizations and contact information, visit OrgSync or call the Office of Student Organization Services at 409-880-8722.

African Student Association

The ASA is open to all students at Lamar University. They are the "Heart of Africa" in the student body, seeking to promote African culture while learning to bond as a people. You do not have to be an international student from Africa to attend; everyone is welcome!

Association of Chinese Students & Scholars

The ACSS is the largest and oldest group at Lamar dedicated to celebrating Chinese culture and heritage. For over two decades, ACSS has provided an enriching and vital role in providing students and scholars an opportunity to develop friendships, observe Chinese holidays and events, and strengthen Sino-American relations within Lamar University and the greater Beaumont community.

Bangladesh Student Association

The Bangladesh Student Association seeks to promote service to the university and the community at large, provide for the professional development of its membership, and offer a social outlet to all those interested in Bangladeshi culture and customs.

Black Student Association

The Black Student Association brings awareness to issues relevant to the Black community on and off campus. The mission is to create positive growth and change in the Black community through educational programming.

Education Initiative Association

Our objective is to embed the importance of a higher education and the necessity of civic engagement within our community. Currently we are focused on Immigration reform and reaching out to students in local high schools to encourage them to attend an institution post high school graduation.

Friends of India Association

The Friends of India Association seeks to create a group for all international students, not just Indians, to connect and grow with each other.

Lamar Allies

Lamar Allies is a support group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals at Lamar University. This group is open to anyone gay or straight who supports gay rights.

Lamar Indian Dance Association

LIDA is a group of students who share the same passion. Dance. This is our way of expressing the Indian culture and tradition. We have come together with a common goal: to create a unique, stand-out dance team that incorporates aspects of Bhangra, Bollywood, Hip-Hop, and other forms of dance.

Lamar Veterans Organization

The Lamar Veterans Organization is a student group whose mission is to support all Lamar University veterans or dependents and their families. Our goals include providing our members with the resources, support, and advocacy needed to succeed in higher education through various social and civic activities.

Man Up

We are a male empowerment organization dedicated to the betterment of the young gentlemen of LU. Man Up’s mission is to challenge the problems of the community by engaging in various activist activities that will lead to the improvement of our society.

Muslim Student Association

We strive to bring the Muslim society together in one big family, and help each member to achieve success in this short life and the everlasting hereafter. In addition, we intend to clear up any misconceptions about Islam, and form bridges with our fellow religious and Lamar student communities and associations.

Nepalese Student Association

The Nepali Student Association provides support to students from Nepal and promotes a knowledge and understanding of the culture of Nepal.

Signing Cardinals

Signing Cardinals is a student organization established by the Department of Deaf Education at Lamar University. It provides opportunities for students to socialize with deaf and signing members of the community. ASL students are also able to attend “silent events” to satisfy their required socializing hours for ASL classes. It is easy to join and a great way to make new friends!

Vietnamese Student Association

The Vietnamese Student Association aspires to build a sense of community among Vietnamese students and other interested parties, share the Vietnamese culture at multicultural events, raise awareness of Vietnamese issues and interests, and promote and share the rich Vietnamese culture and heritage.

University Multicultural Enhancement Committee (UMEC)

The UMEC advises the president on matters pertaining to institutional enhancement strategies and initiatives that promote diversity and cultural inclusion. Specifically, the committee is responsible for the oversight and review of diversity initiatives which foster the building of a more inclusive community, grounded in respect for the differences found among those within the Lamar University community and the community it serves.

Multicultural Greek Council

The purpose of the Multicultural Greek Council is to represent fully the organizations that pride themselves as being multicultural and to be the voice of those organizations at Lamar University. This council is dedicated to promote multicultural awareness for the University as well as to the community through service and involvement with the student body.