Poster Award Abstract Submission

2017 Conference

Honors Directors may nominate a single student to enter both the GPHC Boe and Poster Award Competitions. However, the topics of each entry must focus on a different, unrelated research projects. If projects are the same or closely related for both entries, both will be eliminated for consideration for an award.

Poster Awards will be separate and distinct from Boe Awards and must be categorized into one of four categories: STEM; social sciences; humanities; professional studies.

Only those institutions that paid GPHC dues prior to submission may submit poster abstracts for consideration.

Honors administrators of institutions with more than one honors program will need to submit dues beforehand for every submitting body.

Please review the information below before submitting your Poster Award Abstract(s).

Poster Award Submissions have closed.

Dates for Poster Award Submissions

  • to be submitted between November 15, 2016 and noon, February 1, 2017 by the nominating university's honors director
  • extensions cannot be granted nor can changes be made to submissions by the host institution or any other individual once received
  • Wednesday, February 22, 2017 students and honors directors/deans will be notified if they are presented at the conference
  • Friday, March 17, 2017 students and honors directors/deans notified of award decisions, this will not impact whether the students present at the conference

Nominations for Poster Competition

  • are distinct from other presentations at GPHC
  • must be submitted only by the university honors director
  • may be made only by institutions with paid dues prior to submissions
  • administrators of institutions with more than one honors program will submit dues before hand for every submission
  • may be made for one poster in each of the four categories (listed below)
  • nominations will be entered in one of the two credit hour classifications (one for each category): STEM, social sciences, humanities, professional studies:
    • students who have completed fewer than 60 credit hours (4 entries allowed per institution, 1 per category)
    • students who have completed more than 60 credit hours (4 entries allowed per institution, 1 per category)
  • will serve as evidence that candidates are in good standing with their honors program and university
  • indicate the director's advocacy of the excellence of the work

Posters for Competition Must

  • be submitted through Poster Submission Form located at the top of this page
  • be submitted by the honors director from the nominating institution

Elimination of a Poster Competition

  • is made at the discretion of the Vice President of GPHC, Dr. Gary Wyatt
  • of a poster will be made by notification from the Vice President of GPHC to the submitting honors director, to the Executive Secretary Treasurer, and to the GPHC President

Poster Photo and Abstract for Competition Must

  • come from institutions that have paid dues prior to submission
  • be fewer than 100 words (references must be used but are not included in the word count restriction)
  • when applicable, cite references using the style guide appropriate in the academic field represented
  • be formatted in readable fashion
  • be high-quality photo or PDF of poster
  • not indicate the identity of either the writer or the university or the abstract will be disqualified
  • be viewed and approved before submission by the submitting students' honors director

Posters Must

  • reflect critical thought (should not simply summarize)
  • be professional: no hand lettering, mechanical errors, poor illustrations
  • reflect introduction; problem statement; data collection; hypothesis; analysis; conclusion; an accompanying typed paper bibliography
  • be presented in the form of a standard 3ft x 4ft poster with display board/tripod/easel for display

Your Poster Must Be

  • be electronically generated and printed in advance of presenting
  • set up two hours before poster presentations at Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Beaumont-Plaza on March 31, 2017 in the designated room for judging


  • GPHC Vice President will notify applicants and their honors director by March 8, 2017 about acceptance for entrance into competition and set-up times

Poster Judging Will

  • begin one and a half (1.5) hours before poster presentations at Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Beaumont-Plaza in the designated room for judging
  • be organized to display posters by discipline
  • be judged by professors in the category that best matches their expertise
  • include a numerical score with qualitative feedback using NCHC poster rubrics

Poster Judging Requirements

  • students are to be present during judging or their work will be eliminated from competition
  • completed judging forms will be available at the Welcome Desk on Friday after the Welcoming Dinner
  • judges reserve the right not to award prizes if no posters meet the criteria
  • judges will arrive to the poster presentations at least one hour prior to open viewing; viewing may not begin until judging is concluded

Winning Posters Will

  • receive a $100 check prize
  • be on display during the second evening of the conference
  • represent each of the four categories: STEM; social sciences; humanities; professional studies for each credit-hour classification (for a total of eight awards)


Contact Rebekah Maxwell, Reaud Honors College Coordinator, by emailing or calling409-880-2219 for additional information.