Boe Award Submission

2017 Conference

This award honors the late Dr. Dennis Boe, Director of Honors at East Central Oklahoma State University. The untimely death of Dr. Boe robbed the NCHC and GPHC of a long-time leader, scholar, musician, poet, and good friend. The Great Plains Honors Council sponsors the Dennis Boe Award to showcase and reward outstanding scholarly work by the honors programs students of its member institutions.

Honors directors may nominate a single student to enter both the GPHC Boe and Poster Award Competitions. However, the topics of each entry must focus on different, unrelated research projects. If projects are the same or closely related for both entries, both will be eliminated for consideration for an award.

A maximum of three Boe awards may be awarded for each of two categories:

  1. students who, at the deadline of submissions, have earned fewer than sixty hours of college/university credit,
  2. and students with sixty hours or more of earned college/university credit.

Directors should note that "college/university credit" includes dual enrollment courses taken during high school and hours received by transfer from another institution.

Please review the information below before submitting your Boe Award nominee.

Boe Award Submissions have closed.

Dates for Boe Award

  • to be submitted beginning November 15, 2016 through noon, January 25, 2017 by the nominating university's honors director
  • extensions cannot be granted nor can changes be made to submissions by the host institution or any other individuals once received
  • Wednesday, February 22, 2017 students and honors directors/deans will be notified of who will be presenting at the conference
  • Friday, March 17, 2017 students and honors directors notified of Boe Award decision

Nominations for Boe Award Competition

  • are distinct from other oral presentations at GPHC
  • must come from dues-paying institutions
  • must be submitted only by the university honors director
  • must represent the work of a single honors student performed in the previous and/or present academic year
  • may be submitted for a maximum two Boe Awards

Boe Award Must

  • be submitted by using Boe Award Submission Form located toward the top of this page
  • be submitted by the honors director of the nominating institution
  • be taken as evidence that the candidates are in good standing with their university and honors program

Essays for Boe Award Consideration Must

  • come from institutions that have paid dues prior to submission (Honors administrators of institutions with more than one honors program will need to submit dues beforehand for every submitting body. The GPHC VP, Dr. Gary Wyatt, or the VP’s designee can accept only the first two submissions from a dues-paying entity.)
  • be fewer than 7,000 words (references must be used but are not included in the word count restriction)
  • use the citation system of the academic field they represent and be formatted in readable fashion
  • not indicate the identity of either the writer or the university or the essay will be disqualified
  • be submitted in PDF, Word, or Rich Text File format


  • is made at the discretion of the Vice President of GPHC, Dr. Gary Wyatt, due to non-conformance to instructions

  • of an essay will be made by notification from the VP of GPHC to the submitting honors director, to the Executive Secretary Treasurer, and to the GPHC President

Judges for Boe Essay

  • will be assigned to judge essays in the category that best matches their expertise
  • reserve the right to not award prizes if essays do not meet criteria standards
  • may elect not to award the maximum number of awards

Boe Winner

  • Boe Award winners and their directors will be notified by the GPHC VP, Dr. Gary Wyatt
  • must register for, attend, and present their essay at the annual conference as directed in order to receive the award

Prize for Boe Award

  • comes with $200 and an engraved plaque for each of the winning students
  • includes eligibility for a $500 travel grant to attend the subsequent GPHC conference (contact the Executive Secretary Treasurer for more details during or after the conference in which the Boe Award is won)


Contact Rebekah Maxwell, Reaud Honors College Coordinator, by emailing or calling 409-880-2219 for additional information.