Honors Experiences

As an Honors student, you will attend events and participate in service projects that will broaden your horizons and enhance your learning experience at Lamar University.

To earn Reaud Honors College Graduate status, you need to participate in a diverse range of activities.

Honors Experiences may include most any intellectual or cultural event held on campus, such as: 

  • Theatre performances
  • Art exhibitions
  • Academic lectures
  • Research presentations
  • Creative activities
  • Leadership meetings
  • Honors events
  • Volunteer experiences on campus and off campus

LEADERSHIP POSITIONS WILL BE INCLUDED AND CONSIDERED. These experiences are crucial in developing the soft skills (leadership, organizational, networking, cultural competence, etc.) that are essential for your career path after Lamar.

YOU WILL DOCUMENT ALL OF YOUR HONORS EXPERIENCES ON YOUR EPORTFOLIO in the way that you desire. Official documentation of Honors Experiences will be submitted online via your eP to the Reaud Honors College Office by the Spring of each academic year on a date to be announced. College staff will review eP's to make sure that students are on track to graduate with Reaud Honors College Graduate status. 



On average, at least one activity per month during the Fall and Spring semesters and one during the summer (10 per year), with all activities added to your eP. Of course, you may attend, volunteer, or lead as many activities as you wish.