E-Portfolios and Digital Literacy

During your time as a Reaud Honors College student, you will be exposed to a variety of learning opportunities that can enhance your learning experience. To maximize the potential impact these learning opportunities could have on your future, you will build an ePortfolio (eP).

As you build your eP, you will use a variety of digital tools and resources to help you showcase your learning experiences and share your story about what makes you unique. You will also be documenting your Honors Experiences on your eP.



We believe you should have a meaningful and productive college experience that is shared with others both face to face and in the digital world.

To do this, you will develop an ePortfolio that shares your accomplishments and experiences that can benefit you both academically and professionally.

Your ePortfolio will be your platform to develop and prepare yourself as a professional while allowing you to develop digital literacy skills that will prepare you for the job market.

As you build your ePortfolio, we immerse you in the COVA learning framework which allows you to:

  • Reflect upon your learning experiences both academically and socially.

  • Share your coursework, undergraduate research, study abroad, clubs/organizations, volunteer work, high impact practices, etc.

  • Create your ePortfolio as a FUN learning experience that will become a career tool that you share with future employers.

  • CHOOSE which activities you attend, which you will document on your ePortfolio as part of your Honors Experiences.

  • Learn to share your VOICE as you reflect upon the activities in which you choose to partake.

Every experience provides an AUTHENTIC learning opportunity for you, so take OWNERSHIP of what you choose to do and give it your best.



During the first semester of your freshman year, you will participate in a leadership community that will help you align your values, goals, and belief systems with your pathway moving forward as a Lamar University Reaud Honors College student.

The community is a 5-week learning community (0 credits) that revolves around four pillars: academics, research, leadership, and global impact.

Each week you will participate in discussions about your academic career goals, research agenda, leadership opportunities, and the impact you are looking to make as a budding professional in your area of expertise that you will develop over the next four years. You will also develop your ePortfolio as part of the community in the final few weeks in the leadership community.

We hope you will enjoy this experience, as we have specifically designed this for you based on input from your Honors peers.




Purpose Statement


Passion to Purpose

Research Agenda

Course of Study Pathway

Authentic Learning Experiences

Study Abroad

Effective Leadership


Digital Literacy

Service Learning

Learning Networks



For guidance on your ePortfolio, contact Dr. Tilisa Thibodeaux or see Dr. Thibodeaux's website. Click on the Honors tab to find out more information on the website.