Study Abroad

Study Abroad Student

Becoming more informed global citizens prepared for today’s integrated world economy, Reaud Honors scholars open their eyes, ears, minds, and hearts when they embark on adventures in self-discovery by studying and living abroad.

On-the-ground experience in foreign locales encourages Reaud Honors participants to develop global skills that increase their ability to lead and innovate. Although business may be conducted with less boundaries, the culture remains local.

Promoting understanding among countries through student travel abroad, Study Abroad equips Reaud Honors participants with skill sets that empower them to develop an advantageous knowledge and understanding of other cultures and people, become insightful analyzers of human behavior, and develop self-confidence with ambiguous situations by successfully navigating unfamiliar customs and languages. These skill sets include:

  • Global Fluency
  • Social Competency
  • Adaptability
  • Critical Thinking

Reaud Honors students regularly take advantage of Study Abroad programs that fit their interests and passions, their chosen fields of study, and the parameters of their wallets. Every year, the Reaud Honors College provides financial support for Study Abroad through McMaster Study Abroad Scholarships. Honors students can also receive support from Lamar University’s Study Abroad Program, as well as external scholarships.

It is never too early for Reaud Honors students to start planning their global study adventures. Freshmen and sophomore Honors students are encouraged to reach out to their Reaud Honors Advisor about Study Abroad opportunities, as many of the programs offered by Lamar University are open to all majors. Junior and senior Honors students may be more interested in Study Abroad opportunities tied to their degree plans, although they are also encouraged to take advantage of trips open to all majors. 

By setting off on Study Abroad journeys, Reaud Honors students can nurture an invaluable ability to see and understand perspectives beyond their own, giving this next generation of global-minded leaders a competitive advantage to confront complex problems and opportunities in business and in society.