Partners in the Parks

Through a transformational outdoor experience that brings lessons in the classroom to life, Reaud Honors participants help develop a park experience that is more reflective of the American population, creating connections for our next generation of explorers and environmental stewards.

Coordinated by the National Collegiate Honors Council, Partners in the Parks equips Reaud Honors participants with skill sets that empower them to explore areas of the American landscape known for their beauty, vibrant culture, and rich history, and engage in critical conservation and preservation efforts. These skill sets include: 

  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem-Solving 
  • Creativity
  • Social Competency
Through Partners in the Parks, Reaud Honors participants will conduct scientific research, learn about maintenance and management, engage in deliberative dialogue on controversial issues, and perform service projects. Being out in nature, students will come across unconventional “teachable moments” that heighten their ability to apply personal experiences with their chosen fields of study and attain broader perspectives through nightly group reflection.  

As vibrant living laboratories that enrich learning, our country’s National Parks become an ideal place for Reaud Honors students to critically think about how their direct experience and focused reflection relate to and affect their individual lives and how that unique assessment can help their communities. 

One of the original participants in the Partners in the Parks program, the Reaud Honors College provides financial support to Honors students through McMaster Grants-in-Aid.

These adventures in our nation’s natural areas of significance give Reaud Honors students a lush space to grow from unpredictable learning moments that require creative and innovative initiatives and leadership.


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