Global Engagement

Preparing students for an increasingly globalized and interconnected world, the Reaud Honors College provides structure for a complex 21st-century landscape. Our global engagement opportunities challenge Honors students to make informed choices about the world around them and their place in it.

The Reaud Honors College works carefully with chosen partners to present Honors students with experiences unique to Lamar University undergraduates that allow Honors students to expand their worldview of critical issues in education, governance, health, environment, economics, imagination, and sustainability.

Moving students beyond campus-based international activities, the Reaud Honors College Global Engagement Program connects Honors students and their innovative ideas with organizations and individuals who help them rethink relationships, identify common ground, challenge long-held assumptions, and redefine priorities.

Our committed relationships with partners all over the world empower Reaud Honors College’s student leaders to act on their studies and research to solve issues of global concern.

Reaud Honors College students who take advantage of the following opportunities will be better positioned to acknowledge the challenges ahead, master the ability to reinvent themselves, and contribute effectively and positively as global citizens.