Non-Course Credit Guidelines

Honors students have often earned a significant number of credit hours before they enter the Reaud Honors College and thus may encounter challenges in earning Honors hours in the core curriculum.

Non-course credit enables such students to address potential shortfalls by earning Honors credit for Honors-type activities. A student may submit a request for non-course credit for activities completed outside of usual Reaud Honors College graduation requirements.

In order to be eligible for non-course credit, the student must have earned at least 15 credit hours prior to entering the Reaud Honors College.

 A student may receive up to six hours in non-course credit.

The Dean of the Reaud Honors College shall approve activities and Honors course hours awarded.

Activities approved for non-course credit may be used only for non-course credit and cannot count toward the High Impact Educational Practice or Honors Experiences requirements

Students are required to submit documentation for activities completed.



  • Participation in conferences or academic competitions may count 1-3 credit hours as determined by the Reaud Honors College Dean, depending on activities the student participates in during the conference. Conference subjects include, but are not limited to: academic, leadership, and professional development. A written report is required to receive credit – up to 3 credits.

  • Research experiences for undergraduates, summer undergraduate research fellowships, and OUR undergraduate research grants - 6 credits.

  • Study abroad – 3 credits.

  • Unpaid internships – 3 credits.

  • Partners in the Parks Program – 3 credits.

  • Summer Reading Club – 1 credit hour (may be repeated for up to 3 credits).

  • Job shadowing (if credit hours are not otherwise earned). A written report is required to receive credit. One credit for every 15 hours of shadowing, up to 3 credits.