The curriculum offered in the Reaud Honors College is designed to meet the requirements of the University Core Curriculum and the needs of our Honor students.

Honors students are expected to develop at least two of the following in each Honors class...

  1. A critical understanding of basic principles and theories underlying a given body of knowledge.
  2. Ability to link knowledge to life experience and world events.
  3. Familiarity with the leading edge of knowledge creation as well as its enduring foundations.
  4. Capability of exploring the interface between the given subject matter and other fields of study, questioning traditional boundaries between disciplines

The classes listed below substitute for ordinary Core requirements. It is expected that the Honors student will normally take at least 12 hours from this set of classes.*

CHEM 1311-60 Honors General Chemistry I (Fall)
CHEM 1312-60 Honors General Chemistry II (Spring)
CHEM 3311-60 & 3311-61 Honors Organic Chemistry I (Fall)
CHEM 3312-60 & 3312-61 Honors Organic Chemistry II (Spring)
COMM 1315-60 Honors Public Speaking (Fall and Spring)
ENGL 1301-60 Honors Composition I (Fall)
ENGL 1302-60 Honors Composition II (Spring)
ENGL 2326-60 Honors American Literature (Fall and Spring)
HIST 1301-60 Honors American History: 1763-1877 (Fall)
HIST 1302-60 Honors American History: 1877 to present (Spring)
MATH 2413-60

Honors Calculus and Analytical Geometry I (Fall)

MATH 2414-60

Honors Calculus and Analytical Geometry II (Spring)

MATH 3435-60

Honors Calculus and Analytical Geometry III (Fall)

POLS 2301-60 Honors American Government I (Fall)
POLS 2302-60 Honors to American Government II (Spring)
PHIL 2306-60 Honors Ethics (Fall)
PHYS 2425-60 Honors University Physics I Lecture (Spring)
PHYS 2425-61 & 2425-62 Honors University Physics I Lab (Spring)
PHYS 2426-60 Honors University Physics II Lecture (Fall)
PHYS 2426-61 & 2426-62 Honors University Physics II Lab (Fall)
PSYC 2301-60 Honors General Psychology (Fall)

Honors Fine Arts credits are available on a rotating basis.

COMM 1370

Honors Film Appreciation

PHIL 1330

Honors Arts and Ideas

MUSI 1306

Honors Music Appreciation

ARTS 1301 Honors Art Appreciation
THEA 1310 Honors Theatre Appreciation
DANC 2304 Honors Dance Appreciation

In addition, the Honors College offers several interdisciplinary courses.

HNRS 3161

Honors Seminar (Fall and Spring)

HNRS 4364

Honors Topics - Variable topics. Most recently, it has been taught as "Islam," "Science Fiction and Fantasy," and "Popular Music & Cultural Studies." (Fall and Spring)