Honors Thesis

The Honors Thesis is an important option for becoming an Honors College Graduate.  For students aiming at post-baccalaureate degrees, the Honors Thesis is an opportunity to demonstrate clearly the ability to complete a major research/creative project. For all students, it provides the opportunity to pursue in depth an area of study or research that is personally important or intriguing. It can easily become the foundation for post-graduate research, facilitating the acquisition of grants and other support in graduate school

During the Junior year, the Honors student should identify the general topic of the Thesis research as well as a faculty member who will be the Thesis supervisor. Before the conclusion of the second semester of the Junior year, the student should submit
  1. A letter of intent to the Honors College Dean accompanied by
  2. A Thesis Prospectus outlining the project envisioned for the Thesis, including proposed length of the finished paper, and
  3. A letter from the intended Thesis supervisor indicating his/her willingness to serve in this capacity.

General Regulations
  1. No student will be permitted to enroll for HNRS 4360 or 4361 until he/she has achieved senior standing through the completion of 90 hours of course credits,inclusive of at least 12 hours of Honors credits.
  2. The request for HNRS 4360 or 4361 must include signatures of all thesis committee members (see below for composition of committee).
  3. The request for HNRS 4360 or 4361 must include a clear definition of final products to be completed by the end of the term.  See guidelines on research and writing below.
  4. The thesis student may submit a request for research funds from the Honors Council, where appropriate. Forms and guidelines for such a request are available from the Honors College.
  5. If the product designated for HNRS 4360 is not completed on schedule, the student will not be permitted to enroll for HNRS 4361.
  6. A grade of "incomplete" will be assigned for 4360 until after the completion of 4361.  In the case of a student who does not make adequate progress to enroll in 4361, a grade of NG will be assigned for 4360.
  7. With approval of the Honors College Dean and concurrence of the Honors Thesis supervisor, an alternate research/creative activity class may be accepted in lieu of either HNRS 4360 or 4361, as appropriate.  Examples of courses that may be accepted are:  HNRS 3360, HIST 4390, CHEM 4371, ARTS 4399, PHYS 4210 and 4220.

Thesis Committee
- A Thesis Committee must be formed before the request for HNRS 4360 or 4361 will be approved. This committee will include
  1. The Thesis supervisor as Chair of the committee (The supervisor must be a full-time Lamar University faculty member from the student's Department with the rank of assistant professor or above.)
  2. Another faculty member of the student’s choice from his/her Department
  3. One representative of the Honors College (Dean, Assistant Dean, or Honors Council member)
  4. Copies of thesis materials will be forwarded to the full committee only after initial approval of the thesis supervisor.

Research and Writing
- The following elements will normally form part of the student's progress toward the completed thesis:
  1. The thesis Prospectus is due with the application for enrollment in HNRS 4360.
  2. During the 4360 semester, the student will complete a literature review and submit a research design no later than mid-semester.
  3. A summary statement on research completed and an outline of the thesis are due by the end of the 4360 semester.
  4. A draft of the thesis is due by midterm of the 4361 semester.  A finished copy of the thesis must be submitted to the Thesis Committee at least two weeks before Last Class Day at the end of the term.

Presentation - The student must make a public presentation of the thesis findings before receiving final approval of the Thesis Committee. The time and place of presentation will be coordinated by the Honors College Dean.

Approval - Signatures of all members of the Thesis Committee must be secured before the date designated for submission of grades so that the Thesis Supervisor may assign a grade for both HNRS 4361 and HNRS 4360.