Honors Contract

Honors Contracts are the primary means by which Reaud Honors College students earn Honors credit at the 3000-4000 (or upper-division) course level by providing students with the opportunity to earn Honors credit in a course from her/his degree plan. An Honors Contract is an agreement between an Honors Student and a Professor on a mutually designated project that raises a course from regular to Honors credit.

Contracts are initiated by students, and any Honors College student in good standing may enter into a contract with an individual professor to earn Honors credit for a regular course at the 3000-level or above.  The expectation is that the student will complete an additional and meaningful component of work beyond the requirements of the regular course syllabus.  This extra component may be constituted by one of the following:

  • a research paper or creative project, which is not part of the regular course
  • a more extensive or intensive research or creative project or paper (where some project is expected of all students in the class)
  • other Honors enhancement appropriate to the course material, with approval of the Honors College Dean, in consultation with appropriate faculty and/or  members of the Honors Council.

To receive Honors Credit, the student must make at least a “B” in the class and satisfactorily complete the designated Honors component.  No Honors College student may earn more than a cumulative total of 15 hours of Honors Credit through any combination of Independent Study, Honors Contracts, and the Honors Thesis.  Honors Program students normally may not earn more than 6 hours of Honors Credit through the Honors Contract option, unless the Honors Dean determines that there is a compelling reason to allow the student to do so.