Honors Advising

The Reaud Honors College is committed to providing each student with a welcoming and supportive environment, and Honors advising is an important part of that commitment.


Honors advising sessions focus on the whole of the student’s collegiate experience and her/his aspirations after graduation from Lamar. Through advising, students develop a plan for the achievement of Reaud Honors College Graduate status, and the College tracks students’ progress toward that goal. As important, the advising process enables students to explore, refine, and develop their personal goals and assists them in engaging with realistic opportunities in their academic and professional lives.


Advising is most effective when students are active and prepared. Prior to each advising session, students should review relevant materials and formulate questions regarding any issues which they need clarified. Since the College often communicates significant information by email, students should check their Lamar email on a daily basis and take appropriate action in response.


In addition to advising with the Undergraduate Advising Center during their first two years and their department during their junior and senior years, Honors students are required to advise with the Reaud Honors College at least once every year. Failure to do so may result in suspension of early registration privileges.

Students meet with the College Dean during their first year, preferably in their first semester. After that, students will meet with the college’s advisor in their sophomore, junior, and senior years.

Of course, students are always welcome and encouraged to contact the College outside of advising if they have a question they need to have answered.

Prospective Reaud Honors College Graduates will have an exit interview with the College Dean near the end of their final semester.