Honors Seminars and Topics

HNRS Seminar - Mathematics of Play

Available only to Reaud Honors College students, Honors Seminars and Honors Topics courses are taught by distinguished Lamar University faculty on an ever-changing array of diverse subjects.

Each seminar or topic course is an interdisciplinary, intellectually challenging, out-of-the-box course and honors students are invited to propose their own ideas for such courses.

Honors Seminars & Topics
You may enroll in these courses as early as your second semester of your first year in college. You should not wait until your senior year to start fulfilling this honors requirement. 

FALL 2022 Honors Seminars & Topic

HNRS 3161: Honors Seminar (1 credit) and HNRS 4364: Honors Topic (3 credits).

HNRS 3161

Bioethics of Reproductive Technology

Advances in reproductive biotechnology simultaneously present a multitude of exciting possibilities for alleviating human suffering and a variety of difficult ethical issues. This is evident in their nearly daily mention in the news media and continuing debate in the legislative bodies of our state and federal governments. Through the seminar, students will gain a working knowledge of the science involved and use it to engage in a collegial and meaningful discussion of the issues. Although some background in biology would be helpful for the course, it is not essential. 

HNRS 3161

Marvel Cinematic Universe

This exploration of the cultural themes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe covers topics that include feminism, fandom, race and diversity and post-9-11 politics. 

HNRS 4364

Poetry of Perception

In our increasingly mediated culture, this class provides a contemporary exploration of use of the power of word and image, both as tools and complementary strategies to help shape lives. We examine the many ways that the written word, poetry and text operate with enduring images to help expand, enrich and design your own creative life.  

SPRING 2022 Honors Seminar & Topics

HNRS 3161: Honors Seminar (1 credit) and HNRS 4364: Honors Topic (3 credits).

HNRS 3161-01

Artwork of M.C. Escher

Symmetry is everywhere in our world. This course explores symmetry in everyday objects, in crystals, in molecules and culminates in the exploration of tilings and tessellations. M.C. Escher was a Dutch graphic artist who is known for his impossible buildings, notions of infinity and numerous tessellations. Students will examine the symmetry in Escher's Tilings and will create their own "Escheresque" tessellations.

HNRS 4364-01

Science Fiction & Ethics

What are we as human beings? Could we be backed up into a computer and survive? Do we have free will? In this course, we will read Western analytic philosophers and Buddhist philosophers who try to answer these questions and explore their implications for ethics and politics. To supplement the readings for the course, we will analyze relevant films and television episodes.

HNRS 4364-48F

Information Evaluation: Conspiracy Theories

The deluge of information available across all media can make identifying reliable, accurate information a challenge in the best of circumstances. This becomes even more difficult when competing with the proliferation of conspiracy theories that question established information and spread misinformation. Using conspiracy theories as a framework, this course will discuss how authority and credibility is established and examine how misinformation is created and shared. Students will learn to critically evaluate information sources in a variety of contexts and how to responsibly communicate information. The truth is out there. This course will give you the tools to find it. 

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