Non-Course Credit Guidelines

RHC non-course credit

Honors students have often earned a significant number of credit hours before they enter the Reaud Honors College at Lamar University and thus, may encounter challenges in earning honors hours in the core curriculum.

In order to be eligible for non-course credit, you must have earned at least 15 credit hours prior to entering LU's Reaud Honors College.

If this applies to you, non-course credit enables you to address potential shortfalls by earning honors credit for Honors-type activities. Please consult our honors graduation counselor to confirm this option is appropriate for your honors journey.

A student may receive up to six hours in non-course credit for lower-level honors credit.

You may submit a request for non-course credit for activities you completed outside of Reaud Honors College graduation requirements. (Your non-course credit activities cannot count toward High Impact Educational Practices or Honors Experiences.) You must include documentation demonstrating you completed the activities.

The dean of the Reaud Honors College shall determine whether your activities qualify for honors course hours. 


A written report is required to receive credit:
  • Presents or holds a leadership position at academic competitions or in academic or professional development conferences may count one to three credit hours, depending on student's activities – up to three credits
  • Research experiences for undergraduates, summer undergraduate research fellowships and O.U.R. undergraduate research grants - six credits
  • Study abroad – three credits
  • Unpaid internships – three credits
  • Partners in the Parks – three credits
  • Honors Summer Reading Club – one credit (may be repeated for up to three credits total over three summers)
  • Job shadowing (if credit hours are not otherwise earned) - three credits for every 15 hours of shadowing, up to six credits
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