Submitting Your Electronic Thesis Online

How to Submit Your Electronic Thesis or Dissertation (ETD) Online

  1. Create an account:
    • Go to
    • Click “Submit my dissertation/Thesis”
    • Click “Create an Account” and fill in information
  2. Convert thesis/dissertation to PDF  (be sure to include the blank pages in PDF)
    • Click the “PDF Conversion” tab
    • Click “Browse” button and select your thesis/dissertation
    • Click “Convert File”
    • You will receive an email about 10 minutes later containing your PDF file. Open the file and review it to make sure that there were no errors during the conversion. Save it to your computer.
  3. Go back to the “My ETDs” tab and make sure you are under the “Submit my ETD” heading. Review the checklist to ensure that you have the required information, then click “continue”
  4. Select Publishing Options, then click “save & continue”
  5. Read Traditional Publishing Agreement, then click “accept”
  6. Enter contact information, then “save & continue”
  7. Fill in Dissertation/Thesis Details, then “save & continue”
    • Note: If you are an Applied Criminology major, select Criminal Justice as your department
    • When asked to insert Abstract, just copy and paste it into the box. For formatting assistance, click the “formatting hints” link
  8. Upload your saved PDF thesis/dissertation; once successfully uploaded, click “save & continue”
  9. Upload any supplemental files (if applicable) that are part of your thesis/dissertation, but were not included in your uploaded PDF file of your thesis/dissertation, then “save & continue”
  10. Add any additional notes that you want us (the Graduate Office) to read along with a phone number and email address to reach you, then “save & continue”
  11. Register U.S. Copyright (optional), then “save and continue”
    • You will probably choose “no” for the Previous Copyright Registration unless other arrangements have been made within your department
    • We do not require you to copyright your work. Note: if you choose for ProQuest/UMI to file for copyright, it will cost you $55
  12. DO NOT ORDER COPIES! Scroll to bottom of page and click “decline- do not order”
    • The university has a contract with another company to print and bind your thesis/dissertation copies at a lower rate
  13. Review submission, make changes if necessary, then click “submit dissertation/thesis”
  14. You should only be charged a fee if you chose to copyright your thesis/dissertation; otherwise, your submission should be free of cost, click “done”

Doctoral students only:

You must also fill out a doctoral survey, which is conducted online at