Theses and Dissertations

If You Are Writing a Thesis or Dissertation...

Congratulations on your decision! We are here to support you as you prepare your document for its final publication and binding. Before your last semester in the thesis or dissertation course, visit each of the following links to ensure that you accomplish all necessary tasks on time.

  • Dates & Deadlines
    These are non-negotiable, so write them down and work to meet or beat them.
  • Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines
    These guidelines specify directions to submit your thesis or a dissertation in partial fulfillment of degree requirements. These formatting guidelines take precedence over those in the style manuals required by your department. You should consult your supervising professor or committee chair as to the required style manual for your individual program.
  • Thesis/Dissertation Workshop
    At the beginning of your last semester, you are required to register to an online workshop as part of your final approval process.
    Register Now  Fill it out completely and send it to
  • Style Guides and Manuals
    As you're writing your research, you may find these style resources helpful.
  • Thesis/Dissertation Approval Form
    Before you submit your pre-defense document (Initial Submission) to the Grad Studies Editor, complete this form, have it signed and submit the original to Students may also elect to have their committee chair or supervising professor submit the Initial Submission with a cc to all committee members to The document must be in by the Initial Submission deadline listed on the calendar.
  • How to Submit your Electronic Thesis/Dissertation (ETD) Online
    When we have given you final approval, you will need to submit your document to ProQuest so that the academic community at large will be able to search for and access your research.
  • Taking the Survey of Earned Doctorates
    For Ph.D. and D.E. conferrees ONLY. (not Ed.Ds, please.)

Graduate School Resource Center

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All graduate students now have access to a Graduate School Resource Center under the Organizations tab in Blackboard. This site offers tips and resources around items of interest to graduate students whether they are writing theses and dissertations or simply writing to fulfill classroom projects. Items included are related to undertaking research, managing time, writing literature reviews, citing sources, using research databases,  and other significant topics. We will be updating the site each semester, so be sure to fill out the short survey under the Introduction to let us know what was useful and what additions you recommend.