Graduate Scholarship Criteria

Revised: July 2021 


  1. Students who are admitted to an LU graduate program, have good academic standing, and register for at least 9 semester hours in the long semesters (Fall and Spring) and at least 6 semester hours in the Summer semester are eligible to receive the graduate scholarship on a competitive basis.
  1. Pending on funding availability, the graduate students recommended by their Departments to receive the graduate scholarship will be awarded a minimum of $1,000, and not to exceed $3,000 for master students or not to exceed $5,000 for doctoral students, for the entire duration of study. The scholarship will be disbursed in increments of $500 in the Fall and Spring semesters, not to exceed $1,000 per 12-month period.
  1. Out-of-state and international graduate students who receive the graduate scholarship will also be awarded an out-of-state tuition waiver.
  1. Students who enroll for fewer than 9 hours during a long semester must provide a one-time reduced course load request using G17 form to the Dean of Graduate Studies from the Department Chair, unless the students have completed the course requirement and register in thesis/dissertation courses as part of the degree requirements for the remaining period of study. Please note that a student is only eligible for one reduced course load in his/her graduating semester for receiving graduate scholarship.
  1. Doctoral students who receive the institutional doctoral tuition waiver are not eligible for receiving the competitive graduate scholarship.
  1. Students whose cumulative GPA falls below 3.0 are not eligible for receiving the graduate scholarship. Students who are removed from the scholarship recommendation list may request their departments to review their academic performance for reconsideration. Upon meeting the academic standards set by the departments, the graduate scholarship can be reinstated on the basis of the recommendation of the Department Chair in a memorandum to the Dean of Graduate Studies. The Dean of Graduate Studies will make the final decision before the upcoming semester based on the availability of funding.
  1. Students must complete the Student Selective Service form before funding is disbursed. Compliance with Selective Service.pdf
  1. The deadline for the department to recommend the list of eligible students to be supported by the graduate scholarship is the first day of class in each semester. The College of Graduate Studies will work with Student Finance Office to apply the graduate scholarship and out-of-state tuition waiver to the approved student accounts. No award will be made in the semester after the 12th class day.