Graduate Council

The Lamar University Graduate Council exists to guide and support the outcomes and initiatives of the College of Graduate Studies, its members and its students through governance, design and decision-making.

Faculty senators and deans conduct the election of members from the slate of graduate faculty. The Dean of the College of Graduate Studies chairs and charges this council, and the council then presents its recommendations back to the Dean and to the Provost.

Bill Harn (Dean, Graduate Studies), Chair Ex Officio
Iva Hall (Arts and Sciences - Arts) FALL 2017-SUM 2020
Ruthie Robinson (Arts and Sciences - Sciences) FALL 2017-SUM 2020
Nick Rissman (Fine Arts and Communication) FALL 2017-SUM 2020
Tracy Benson (Engineering) FALL 2017-SUM 2019
TBD (Business) FALL 2017-SUM 2019
Dorothy Sisk (Education and Human Development) FALL 2018-SUM 2023